About International Cooperation

International Cooperation in the field of Research and Education in Agriculture and Allied Areas

International cooperation in DARE-ICAR has been operating through the MoUs/Work Plans signed with various countries/International Organisations/Foreign Universities and Institutes with DARE-ICAR as the nodal Department. International cooperation of this kind is generally of bilateral nature wherein the MoUs are signed either between the Government of India (represented by DARE) and the Government of another country (represented by their department handling agriculture), or between the ICAR and another foreign autonomous body/Institute/University. DARE-ICAR also participate in the MoUs/Work Plans signed by the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, which plays the nodal role.

Besides the above mentioned modes which entail bilateral cooperation, DARE-ICAR also participate in multilateral cooperation under the aegis of for a like IBSA, BRICSA, SAARC, ASEAN etc. for which the Ministry of External Affairs plays the nodal role. DARE-ICAR engages in active collaboration with international agricultural research institutions like the CG Centres, CABI, FAO, NACA, APAARI, UN-CAPSA, APCAEM, ISTA, ISHS etc.

Over and above the aforementioned modalities, the Ministry of Science and Technology has also developed programmes of cooperation with various countries and international organisations in which DARE-ICAR is the participating agency in the field of agricultural research. The Joint Commissions/Working Groups constituted by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce have the component of agricultural research in which DARE-ICAR participates directly or through the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.

As the mandate of DARE-ICAR is on research and education in Agriculture and allied fields, the MoUs and Work Plans cover areas like agricultural research and education through study visits and training of scientists, exchange of literature, exchange of germplasm and capacity building programmes.

DARE-ICAR offers quality and cost-effective agricultural education to international students at under-graduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels as also need-based short-term training programmes in specialised areas. International training programmes are also organised for developing trained human resource to take up research, education and extension activities in emerging areas of agricultural sciences. These training courses are organised in various ICAR institutes and the State Agricultural Universities.

Through the above mentioned activities under bilateral and multilateral cooperation India stands to benefit by way of knowledge sharing and gaining of overall experience and exposure to the latest development of technology in the various countries. These are then analysed and adopted in the Indian agricultural scenario with requisite modifications to suit our conditions and requirements.