Shri Kailash Choudhary participates in 5th ASEAN-India Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Forestry

16th October, 2019, Brunei Darussalam

Shri Kailash Choudhary, Union Minister of State for Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare participated in the “5th ASEAN-India Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Forestry” held at Brunei Darussalam today.
Shri Choudhary highlighted that India is committed to the principle and objectives to ensure the welfare and the quality of life in the ASEAN Regions by ensuring the strategic cooperation in the areas of agriculture and allied sectors. He stated that the agriculture and food security remain among the priority issues of the Government of India with the key objective of ensuring food and nutrition security at affordable price in an eco-friendly environment.

The Minister accentuated that the agriculture is particularly important as a majority of the population in the country is still dependent upon it for earning their livelihood. In this direction, India has developed around 35 biofortified crop varieties that are rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, etc.

He outlined that India has paved the way for self-sufficiency in food and milk production through the Green Revolution and White Revolution during the past decades. Shri Choudhary also underlined the role of the National Agricultural Research System led by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

He emphasized on the Government of India’s main aim and objective to fulfil the goal of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi of doubling the farmer’s income by the Year - 2022. Shri Choudhary also highlighted about the various advancements made in the agricultural and farming technologies in the country.

During the meeting, both the sides mutually committed to focus on the development and implementation of the four priority projects for the Year - 2020, namely Climate-Smart Agriculture, Application of Robotics and Drones in agriculture production and electromagnetic waves in food processing, Promotion of Post-Harvest Technology for fruits and vegetables and Trans-Boundary Diseases and Health Management for crops, livestock and aquaculture.

(Source: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi)